Control Panel


The panel is arranged in three areas:

On the left hand side you will find the device and transport selection controls as well as the transport controls themselves. The device selection controls allow you to choose which device (TK Primaries, Noise Reducer etc.) you are controlling with the centre group of controls on the panel. The transport selection controls let you choose which transport (TK, VTR etc.) you are controlling with the transport controls. The transport controls include all the expected functions (play, stop, inch, fast forward etc.) as well as a jog/shuttle dial.
In the center of the panel you will find the colour grading / positioning tracker balls, macro keys and device controls. The tracker balls each have their own master control dial and resets for individual functions. The device controls are arranged as knob - button pairs. The knob adjusts the control while the button resets it. Each control has its own label and bar-graph, numerical or text readout as appropriate.
On the right hand side you will find the grading and editing list management controls as well as the timecode entry keypad. There is also a scroll/fader dial that allows you to quickly scroll through any list or fade between grades.

CP100 Generic Control Panel

The CP100 generic control panel from Tangent Devices provides an ergonomic user interface to any software package that requires a wide range of input controls at the operatorí»s fingertips. More intuitive than using just a pen and tablet, it can increase operator efficiency. Designed with the film and video post production industry in mind, its layout was conceived in close consultation with users. This was combined with over ten years experience that Tangent Devices has in this industry.

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CP200 Modular Control Panels

Following on from the success of the CP100 Generic Control Panel, Tangent Devices introduced the CP200 Modular Control Panels. This range is designed to accommodate the requirements of users who need only certain features of the CP100, or who wish maximise the use of a physical interface by combining as many panel modules as they need, creating a panel set to exceed the capabilities of the CP100.

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CP200 Product Range

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