Trapcode Suit

Trapcode 3D Stroke
3D Stroke uses paths from one or more masks to render volumetric strokes that can be rotated and moved freely in 3D space. It even has a built-in camera to create dynamic 3D environments. Path reveals are easy to make with keyframeable start and end sliders.
Trapcode Echospace
Speeds and automates the creation of sophisticated 3D layer effects in Adobe After Effects. Layer iterations can be controlled as a group or individually for sophisticated 'house-of-cards' or 'Cover Flow'-style animations.
Trapcode Form
Bend nature to your will by creating flame, smoke and other organic 3D shapes ?and then synchronize it with your favorite audio.
Trapcode Horizon
Create ultra-realistic environments by using Trapcode Horizon to wrap sphere maps, panoramas or video around the After Effects world.
Trapcode Lux
Lux simulates the "visible light" phenomenon of light in a dark or foggy environment. Use Lux to create incredibly realistic visible light sources for spotlights, flashlights, headlights, or stage lighting of all kinds.
Trapcode Particular
A powerful 3D particle system that creates a wide range of effects ?from natural smoke and explosions to geometric or organic abstract elements.
Trapcode Shine
Shine is a 2D plug-in that simulates 3D volumetric light effects within your editor. TV and movie pros use it daily to create light rays that sweep through logotypes or any kind of footage.
Trapcode Sound Key
Sound Keys is a keyframe generator plug-in for Adobe After Effects. Visually select parts of an audio track and convert that audio into keyframes. Great for audio-intensive animations.
Trapcode Starglow
Add Hollywood glamour to text or shapes with the fast-rendering Starglow plug-in. With multiple colors and point and shimmer controls, the star power is all at your fingertips.

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