Industry-standard out-of-the-box fluid simulator.

RealFlow is a recognized standard for the simulation of fluids and body dynamics in films and television.

From drops of honey to stormy oceans, RealFlow is the go-to solution for your fluid simulations. You have the flexibility to create both realistic and abstract fluids with a tool which is intuitive and fully customizable.

RealFlow is a fully-featured standalone package, available for Windows, OSX and Linux, and compatible with all major 3D platforms, via free connectivity plugins.


The best results

For over 15 years now RealFlow has been the industry standard in fluid simulation in the VFX industry. In 2007 it was granted an Academy Award.

Studios including Disney, Dreamworks, Warner Bros, Double Negative, MPC, Framestore and The Mill have turned to RealFlow repeatedly due to its consistently high-quality results.


Whether you are single freelancer or a large multinational studio, RealFlow will provide you with
a solution that suits your needs.

It has 2 fluid solvers:
Hybrido (traditionally used for large-scale fluid sims)
SPH (traditionally used for small-scale fluid sims)

a dynamics solver:
• Caronte
and an interface which allows you to set up a sim
with just a few clicks, or to drill deep into the software
using RealFlow Graphs for complete customization.


RealFlow is fully compatible with all major 3D Platforms and integrates easily into your workflow.


We have numerous licensing and payment options to ensure you can use RealFlow on your own terms. There is also a large international network of resellers on hand to help you.

Support & learning

With dedicated forums, prompt and personal technical support, online tutorials, webinars and
blogs, you need never feel alone while working with RealFlow !

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