Artbeats Royalty Free Footages

NEW footage shot on the RED Camera

Artbeats and FootageHub now offer the only royalty-free stock footage shot on the RED Camera!

Royalty-Free Footage

The Artbeats library encompasses an extensive array of royalty-free NTSC, PAL, Hi-Definition & RED Hi-Res clips.

Royalty Free means that any Artbeats product you purchase may be used over and over again without incurring additional fees or costs.

Categories includes:

Aerials, Animals, Archivals, Backgrounds, Concepts and Objects, Effects, Establishments, Healthcare, Lifestyles, Nature

In what formats are Artbeats clips provided?

Artbeats clips are provided as QuickTime files with very mild Photo-JPEG compression.

All NTSC, HD and Hi-Res clips delivered at 29.97fps.
PAL clips delivered at 25fps.

NTSC clips: 720x486, Low-Res 320x240
PAL clips: 720x576, Low-Res 320x240
HD clips: 1920x1080, Low-Res 480x270

Hi-Res clips
2K clips:
2:1 Aspect Ratio: 2048x1024, Low-Res 480x240
16:9 Aspect Ratio: 2048x1152, Low-Res 480x270

3K clips:
2:1 Aspect Ratio: 3072x1536, Low-Res 480x240
16:9 Aspect Ratio: 3072x1728, Low-Res 480x270

4K clips:
2:1 Aspect Ratio: 4096x2048, Low-Res 480x240
16:9 Aspect Ratio: 4096x2304, Low-Res 480x270




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