Pronto Family

The Pronto Family

The benchmark of disk recorders

The Pronto family of digital disk recorders effortlessly handles the recording and play-out of uncompressed film material in real time and offers various conforming and editing tools. Pronto3 and ProntoXway are also suitable for presentations, e.g. at exhibitions, and as a player for video walls or LCD displays.

Numerous options enable you to perfectly adapt the DVS disk recorders to your workflow and the desired image formats, interfaces, and color depths.

With two independent video channels ProntoXway allows you to benefit from the functionality of two disk recorders in one box.

Feature Highlights:

  • Process both compressed and uncompressed SD, HD and 2K material in real time
  • Implement trouble-free VTR emulation
  • Gain maximum flexibility for importing content, with more than 100 supported graphic formats
  • Use the numerous editing and conforming features
  • Realize large-screen projections with the multi-device feature
  • Broadcast SD parallel to HD (ProntoXway)
  • Control two video channels independently (ProntoXway)
  • Capture and edit content simultaneously (ProntoXway)

Areas of application: Post production, broadcast, presentation

Common features of Pronto3 and ProntoXway

  • Capture and play-out of digital video and audio
  • VTR emulation with full RS-422 initiator and target mode
  • Video and audio is stored NTFS Windows?file system in ordinary files up to 4.8 TB real-time storage in one 4U chassis
  • Multi-device mode for simultaneous and frame accurate control of multiple Pronto3 or ProntoXway
  • Support of digital audio (AES/EBU), embedded audio and ancillary data, including timecode and keycode
  • 24p material with 3:2 pulldown on play-out and pulldown removal on record
  • Backup with any standard backup tool
  • Autoconforming and editing with transitions and speed effects
  • Finalizing (export to a new clip) and importing, e.g. WM3, QuickTime?
  • Autoconform, transitions and speed effects will be rendered
  • Easy data management with Spycer?
  • Multi-channel play-out or capture of uncompressed video material (ProntoXway only)

Technical specifications

  • File formats: DPX 10/12/16, Cineon? BMP, TIFF 8/12/16, YUV 8/16, TGA, QuickTime? WAV, AIFF
  • DVI and analog RGB output
  • RS-422 in & out
  • Analog stereo output to monitor audio
  • 1000 Base-T (gigabit ethernet)

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