Video Boards

Video Boards

Extreme reliability ĘC our video hardware

With our video boards, we offer superior hardware to meet the specific design requirements of A/V system manufacturers. The high-performance boards provide highly reliable I/O and processing for any level of resolution and any format for numerous A/V applications. Made for developers by developers and even supported by developers, our video board solutions are always a sure fit for the design needs of manufacturers.

Atomix HDMI

The ultimate video board for highest resolutions

With its Atomix family of video boards, we have significantly extended the range of possible applications. Both high-end post production of digital film and demanding presentations benefit from the unique quality of uncompressed 4K and 3D/stereo processing in 2K.

Our boards offer two multi-rate SDI ports that support SD, HD and 3.0 Gbps modes and can be configured as independent channels or as dual-link. Up to two independent channels are available with 2K RGB 4:4:4 in 3.0 Gbps mode.

The integrated up/downscaler allows you to view 4K material on a 2K display or to edit sequences with different formats in the same timeline without pre-rendering. All formats can be changed in real time during the play-out.

The 3D and 1D LUTs enable efficient color management and color grading without adding workload to your CPU.

Atomix comes in two flavors: While the established Atomix board provides four DVI outputs, the newly launched Atomix HDMI features four HDMI ports, one of which supports the latest HDMI 1.4a standard. 4K material can be displayed via four DVI or HDMI ports ĘC this provides a cost-efficient interfacing to most high-resolution projectors and displays. Atomix HDMI also supports Full HD 3D and 4K via one HDMI port.

While multi-interface video boards usually need plenty of room for the connectors, we have has developed a breakout box system that adds four 3.0 Gbps SDI I/O ports for uncompressed 4K. Atomix has its own AES/EBU audio and RS-422 connectors and the breakout box includes up to 16 channels of AES/EBU audio and four RS-422 ports.


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