Film Master

Nucoda Film Master is the premium DI colour grading and finishing solution for feature films and commercials, delivering HD, 2k and 4k.

Industry Standard Colour Grading and Finishing for 2k/4k Film

Nucoda Film Master is the comprehensive colour grading and finishing solution for feature films and commercials, delivering Digital Cinema content up to 4k. With an industry leading toolset used by clients such as Pixar Animation Studios, Nucoda Film Master creates complex looks and visual styles for animation, 2k/4k film and stereoscopic 3D. Add to this over 20 years of image science culminating in the Digital Vision Optics (DVO) suite of enhancement tools, Nucoda Film Master ensures the highest quality imagery available.

Flexible Workflows; Easy Integration

Nucoda Film Master offers the widest range of creative tools, built into the most flexible non-linear workflow for digital film or video post-production. From ingest, editing, picture en-hancement, colour correction, compositing and visual effects, to multi-delivery for any format from HD to 3D.

Ingest using an EDL, AAF or cut list, then conform data directly from a SAN, or capture live from video or telecine. Support for a wide range of file formats such as DPX, QuickTime and MXF means you can bypass copying and transcoding completely. Comprehensive conforming tools prepare your timeline with cuts, transitions and varispeed commands. Or use Nucoda Film Master¡¯s powerful automated scene detector to quickly analyse your reels in the background. For animation projects real time playback of padded 16bit Half Float HDR OEXR files giving a massive increase performance whilst working in half float projects, that push the boundaries of speed and quality.

Expansive, High-end Colour Tools

Nucoda Film Master¡¯s creative and corrective colour tools combine a traditional approach to grading with the power and flexibility of digital technology. Select the colour tool that suits the task best; from Printer Lights through Colour Curves to Brightness Regions.

With the unlimited multi-layer timeline you can combine capabilities, using different isolation tools including the new ¡®I-Keyer¡¯ to produce complex looks quickly. Achieve dynamic grades and animation of effects parameters, and manipulate and track individual shapes on a transform or per-point basis, to refine that look over the whole shot.

Purpose-Built Control Surface

The Nucoda Film Master control surface includes four ergonomic and functional control panels that can be arranged to suit the needs of any colourist. Using a combination of traditional trackballs with rings and high-quality knobs and buttons, operators can move quickly to complete the work in the shortest time possible. Four separate displays give feedback on changes whilst the image is updated immediately, and dedicated transport controls include a proven jog/shuttle control and immediate control of the play heads.

List Management

With Nucoda Film Master you can view all the events in a composition as thumbnails, as a contact sheet list view in either source or record order, giving direct access to any track, play head, or event. From here any part of a grade or its dynamics can be copied to the current shot. Easily-accessible Memories speed the workflow, offering different ways to store and recall, all or part of your grades and dynamics from shot to shot. Notes enable you to save unlimited numbers of these snapshots in folders so that you can assemble libraries of looks and access them in any project. A QuickNotes feature give you direct access for up to eight Notes from the control panel with a single key press.

The DI Suite

You can view, render and exchange Nucoda projects in all Digital Vision software applications, releasing the system for further client work. Add a Nucoda Compose preparation workstation or a Turbine render server, sharing the same SAN, and you have a truly collaborative suite. Add our unique Digital Vision Optics (DVO) tools to the assist stations to off-load preparation tasks such as grain management or dust busting.


–   SD/HD video ingest and layoff supporting batch digitise and layoff direct from timeline/list
–   Automatic conforming of digitised video and film scans onto timeline
–   Edit and colour grade material with industry leading toolset
–   Comprehensive stereoscopic 3D toolset for grading and fixing
–   Open EXR workflow optimizations
–   Payback of SD, HD, 2k, 4k and 3D material
–   Effects software includes OXF plug-in support, plus Blur, Convert, Invert, Blend, RGBA over, Composite, Shapes, Log To Linear conversion, and Linear To Log conversion
–   Pan and scan images ready for re-mastering
–   Avid Log Exchange (ALE) support and audio conform tools essential for dailies
–   RED Rocket accelerator card support
–   Native support for all major digital camera formats including RED and Arri

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