Phoenix is the perfect solution for all your restoration, re-mastering and repurposing needs. Phoenix is a production tool which is focused on creating the highest quality deliverables from your archive material. It combines the best in automated and semi automated restoration with conform, editing, grading and versioning tools plus a set of options to enhance the quality of deliverables from H264 encoded QuickTime to Digital Cinema XYZ files.



Phoenix is based on the same software platform that has made Digital Vision a leader in non-linear mastering and is focused on the user who wishes to create the ultimate digital re-master of a classic or someone who has hours of content that needs a fast turn around but with excellent results. Using Digital Visioní»s Emmy award winning motion compensation technology Phoenix provides a wide range of automated tools for making the best of whatever content you are handed.

Make the most of your media

Start by capturing video or directly accessing your film scans, then using the same great automatic conforming tools which are available in Film Master, conform the material onto the timeline using and EDL or AAF. Then the material can be reviewed in real time.

Then the renowned Digital Vision Optics (DVO) toolkit can be engaged, these are in three packages all of which are included in Phoenix.

DVO Restore includes DVO Dust; the automated dust and random scratch removal which is in the DVNR hardware as ASC3 ME. Longer vertical scratches can be easily removed with our DVO Scratch tool. For larger blotches the same, great, image reconstruction technology is put at the end of your paint brush in DVO Fix. If you have separate prints for each colour, these can be aligned with DVO Print Align. Film weave can be removed automatically with DVO Steady, and DVO Deflicker will remove frame to frame variations in brightness that is so common in archive film material.

Some video archive footage can have broken 3:2 cadence, our DVO Reverse TC can automatically detect and remove this.

Primary colour correction tools are available to restore the contrast and depth of colour that was in the original.

Create the best deliverables possible

Next you can move on to improving your material with DVO Enhance. This includes the best in class DVO Grain algorithm that is in the DVNR hardware as AGR4 ME, which will allow you to control the level of grain or video noise in your footage. DVO Regrain allows you to add simulated grain or noise back in, whilst DVO Alias can remove video flickering. DVO Sharpen offers the user incredible control over the sharpness of the image by adaptively sharpening so that you can change the apparent focus without affecting the sharpest areas. Amazingly versatile it does not emphasis grain that has been reduced. DVO Brickwall is very useful in reducing the bit rate needed to encode the media. .

Finally when you are ready to start creating your deliverables DVO Convert offers you the tools to produce your different SD, HD, interlaced or progressive, standards, right from the timeline, at maximum quality. These can then be played out directly, or used to create DPX, MXF or QuickTime movie files for viewing offline.

Phoenix projects are compatible with all of the DV software range, allowing them to be rendered or developed in a truly collaborative workflow.

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