Phoenix Finish

Phoenix Finish is the complete restoration, repurposing and re-mastering production solution, focused on getting the best from your archive.

Restore 每 Film, Video, Digital media
Reformat 每 SD, HD, 2k, 4k, 3D
Deliver 每 Digital Cinema, HDTV, DVD, Blu-ray, VOD, Mobile

Phoenix Finish is a complete restoration, re-mastering and repackaging solution which is focused on creating the highest quality deliverables from film or tape based materials. Ideal for DI, restoration and archive workflows, Phoenix Finish combines the best in automated, semi-automated and manual restoration tools, with strong editorial and mastering features providing ingest, conform, editing, colour grading and a comprehensive set of delivery formats.

DI and Restoration Workflow

Start by capturing video or directly accessing your film scans and then automatically con-form the material onto the timeline using an EDL or AAF. The material can now be reviewed or edited in real time. To begin the restoration process the renowned Digital Vision Optics (DVO) Restore toolkit can be used to either automate or manually fix images problems. Once restored primary colour correction tools are available to restore the contrast and depth of colour to match that of the original media, with tactile control available with the Colour Panel option.

Next breathe new life into your material with the DVO Enhance toolset ready for delivery. If required Phoenix projects can then be shared with other editorial, effects or finishing solutions allowing them to be further processed in a truly collaborative workflow. Finally when you are ready to start creating your deliverables DVO Convert offers you the tools to produce any format files such as SD, HD, or DCP files right from the timeline at maximum quality for any delivery platform. These can then be played out directly, or used to create DPX, MXF or QuickTime movie files for viewing offline.

Key Features

–   SD/HD video ingest and layoff supporting batch digitise and layoff direct from timeline/list
–   Automatic conforming of digitised video and film scans onto timeline, including audio
–   Edit and colour grade material with industry leading toolset used in Nucoda Film Master
–   Payback of SD, HD, 2k, 4k and 3D material conversion, and Linear To Log conversion
–   Effects software includes OFX plug-in support, plus Blur, Convert, Invert, Blend, RGBA over, Composite, Shapes, Log To Linear
–   Pan and scan images ready for re-mastering

DVO Restoration, Enhancement and Conversion Software
Phoenix Finish includes the complete suite of Digital Vision Optics (DVO) software tools

DVO Restore
DVO Dust - automated dust and random scratch removal
DVO Scratch - automated removal of long vertical scratches
DVO Fix - manual and automated remove of larger blotches on degraded media
DVO Print Align 每 automated alignment of RGB separation prints
DVO Steady 每 remove film weave
DVO Flicker 每 remove image flicker and brightness fluctuations common in archive film material

DVO Enhance
DVO Clarity 每 best in class automated digital noise and grain reduction tool
DVO Grain - control the level of grain or video noise in your footage.
DVO Re-grain - allows you to add simulated grain or noise
DVO Alias - remove video flickering
DVO Sharpen - control the sharpness of the image by adaptively sharpening so that you can change the apparent focus without affecting the sharpest areas
DVO Brickwall - reduces the bit rate needed to encode the media
DVO Aperture - makes pictures sharper by restoring high frequency information

DVO Convert
DVO Twister - motion compensated standards conversion from any format, frame rate and resolution to any other, even creating 24P out of interlaced material
DVO De-interlace - motion compensated de/re-interlacing
DVO Upscale - Optimised upscaling of material, of specific value when converting from SD to HD

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