Phoenix Refine

Phoenix Refine offers the best in image restoration and enhancement tools to transform media ready for mastering.

Classic Image Restoration and Enhancement

Phoenix Refine delivers the best in high end restoration image processing tools to repair any defect or damage to film and video media. Combining the best in automated, semi -automated and manual Digital Vision Optics (DVO) restoration tools, Phoenix Refine adds editorial and effects processing to create a single system delivering pristine images ready for mastering or preservation.


–   SD/HD video ingest and layoff supporting batch digitise and layoff direct from timeline/list
–   Automatic conforming of digitised video and film scans onto timeline, including audio
–   Edit and add use effects plug-ins to enhance media.
–   Playback of SD, HD, 2k and 4k material
–   Effects software includes OFX plug-in support, plus Blur, Convert, Invert, Blend, RGBA over, Composite, Shapes, Log To Linear conversion, and Linear To Log conversion

Phoenix Refine includes the following DVO software suites:

DVO Restore
DVO Dust - automated dust and random scratch removal
DVO Scratch - automated removal of long vertical scratches
DVO Fix - manual and automated remove of larger blotches on degraded media
DVO Print Align ĘC automated alignment of RGB separation prints
DVO Steady ĘC remove film weave
DVO Flicker ĘC remove image flicker and brightness fluctuations common in archive film material

DVO Enhance
DVO Clarity ĘC best in class automated digital noise and grain reduction tool
DVO Grain - control the level of grain or video noise in your footage.
DVO Re-grain - allows you to add simulated grain or noise
DVO Alias - remove video flickering
DVO Sharpen - control the sharpness of the image by adaptively sharpening so that you can change the apparent focus without affecting the sharpest areas
DVO Brickwall - reduces the bit rate needed to encode the media
DVO Aperture - makes pictures sharper by restoring high frequency information

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