Phoenix Touch

The entry-level Phoenix Touch combines dust busting and image repair tools for intensive automated and manual image clean up and retouch tasks.

High Quality Dust Busting and Image Repair Solution

Phoenix Touch is a cost effective image restoration software solution for cleaning up VFX plates and DI scans, or as part of large volume restoration projects requiring manual retouch of content. Utilising the renowned Digital Vision Optics (DVO) technology, Phoenix Touch provides a powerful automatic dust busting and manual image repair toolset for quick turn-around of intensive repair tasks to deliver pristine images.


With playback of SD, HD, 2k and 4k material, Phoenix Touch utilises the DVO Fix toolset to quickly select and automatically repair minor and major imperfections associated with degraded film, such as blotches, staining and physical damage. Using a brush or shape tool for selection, DVO Fix automatically fills in with motion and grain-compensated imagery for seamless results, greatly improving both image quality and speed of operation over tradi-tional methods of copying and re-positioning content from adjacent frames.

The latest version of DVO Fix is loaded with new features that improve the speed of operation and improve operator efficiency allowing projects to be delivered quicker:
–   Auto Clone ¨C In addition to Auto Fix and manual Clone, there¡¯s now also a Clone mode where, based on motion vectors, automatic repositioning and best match of surrounding frames is done as an alternative to complete regeneration of content.
–   ¡°Rectangle¡± dab ¨C new mode added to the rectangle, operating as the circular brush by just clicking with a predefined size rectangle
–   Visual aids (overlay) provides helpful information on operating mode and more, both in normal and in full screen mode
–   Optional auto reset and/or mix-down on stroke/frame/clip basis
–   Separate stroke and background/fix repositioning
–   Enhanced user interface including numerous additional keyboard shortcuts allowing the operator to concentrate on fixes rather than navigating the GUI

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