Delirium contains 40 visual effects. It also contains tools for creating particle-based fire, smoke and bubbles. These particle effects enhanced with built-in turbulence processing to create realistic imagery without resorting to complex 3D programs


While After Effects users have demonstrated that the program is capable of creating almost anything, they are often limited by the source footage they have. Aurorix provides some interesting texture and pattern generation filters such as Soap Film and Strange Nebulae. Unique distortion filters such as Infinity Warp and Turbulent Flow can use existing footage to make original patterns as well.

Aurorix also comes with some tools for simulating lighting, including the 3D Lighting filter that can also add bump maps for an embossed look. Finally, Aurorix includes Aged Film, the filter for adding grain, hair, dust, and discoloration to footage, which eventually went on to spawn DigiEffects popular Cinelook.

Digieffects Damage harnesses the destructive power of lame rabbit ears, bad BNC cables, tree branch-obstructed satellite dishes, poorly tracking VHS machines, scratched DVDs, low fidelity security cameras, micro-datarate cel phones...the list goes on.

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