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Supercharge Your Workflows

Unleash your productivity by removing time-consuming manual restoration tasks.

Why Loki?

The most flexible image processing software available

The widest range of image processing algorithms to solve your image problems.

Industry leading Standards conversion

Developed over 25 years, Digital Vision’s motion compensated technology provides the finest image quality when converting to and from any frame rate.

Superior Up conversion

The highest quality algorithm available for any resolution including 4K and above!

Fits into your workflows with ease

Loki’s versatility offers multiple configurable watch folders as well as an API to provide 3rd party control.


Expandable from one to many nodes to increase throughput and performance. Loki is upgradable to meet your technical challenges and grow with your business.

Wide range of supported file formats

Whatever your requirements, Loki provides file I/O compatibilty familiar to your exisiting workflows.

Introducing Loki

Loki is the ultimate solution for file based image processing tasks, combining over 25 years of research and development into a cost-effective, versatile and scalable software solution.

Leading image processing tools

Loki provides the world’s best suite of image processing algorithms that can be easily configured to create broadcast, post production and archive workflow solutions such as standards conversion, format conversion, noise reduction, digital camera image repair, restoration and more. With over 20 advanced tools to choose from, the workflow possibilities are endless…

Setting the standard for 25 years

Digital Vision’s award winning DVO image processing toolset has set the standard around the world for excellence in image quality. Loki now unleashes this unique and unparalleled toolset into fully configurable and automated workflows to allow you to attain the highest image quality for your media whatever your need or market sector.

Flexible and scalable

Conceived from the outset as a fully scalable architecture, Loki is the perfect solution for standalone systems as well as larger enterprise installations.