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Introducing Substance Source – Architecture Selection

Pierre Maheut on November 15 2016 | News, Content, Design
Substance Source gets its first major update today with the Substance Source – Architecture Selection.
For architects and designers who are using materials to create 3D scenes, there’s usually a trade-off: high-quality visuals that take a lot of time, or lower-quality visuals that can be completed quickly.
The idea behind the Substance Architecture Selection is that architects and archviz pros shouldn’t have to choose between quality and efficiency. We’ve added 200 new assets to Substance Source, from fully procedural to scanned materials, including concrete, marble, glass, paint, leather, wood, metal, textiles and brick.
Discover Substance Source – Architecture Selection
All materials include the following features designed to save you time:
Multiple Resolution
All materials can be used at any resolution up to and including 4K.
Renderer and Engine Ready
Materials from the Substance Source – Architecture Selection can be used in any most renderers or engines.
Tweak Materials Directly in Your Renderer or Engine
Want to change something or adjust the look of a material? No need for a complicated workaround – just tweak the material directly in your renderer or engine. You can also use our Substance Player, available as a free download from the Allegorithmic website.
The materials featured in the Substance Source – Architecture Selection are available through Substance Source. Access to Substance Source is included in the Substance Live monthly plans (Indie $19.90/month with 30 downloads/mo and Pro $99.90/month with 50 downloads/mo), or through a one-time full access purchase (Pros – $1,490 and Studios – $2,990) with 12 months of updates.
Additional information can be found by accessing the Pro and Studio tabs on the Download / Buy page.
Want to hear more about Substance Source for architecture and archviz? Here is Ronen Bekerman’s interview of Business Development Director Frederic Kohler and Product Manager Nicolas Wirrmann from during State Of the Art #AcademyDay7.