Advanced Technology from Pixar Animation Studios for Rendering VFX and Animation


World’s Most Versatile Renderer

With a new state-of-the-art framework optimized for physically-based rendering, RenderMan can deliver unmatched flexibility for any production pipeline.

Production Proven

Not only does Pixar use RenderMan for our own feature films, but RenderMan is used throughout the industry for rendering Visual Effects and animation.  Just click the circle below to see a full list of RenderMan movies…


That’s Show Business Because RenderMan has been used on every kind of production, the software has already been pushed to every extreme, so it’s ready to render anything you can throw at it. Just take a look at some of these movies…


Alien: Covenant

All the Money in the World

Blade Runner 2049

Cars 3



Ghost in the Shell

Granite Mountain

John Wick 2

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Justice League

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Kong: Skull Island


Monster Trucks


Murder on the Orient Express

Only the Brave

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The Dark Tower

The Greatest Showman

The Great Wall

The Mountain Between Us

The Mummy

Thor: Ragnarok

Transformers: The Last Knight

Wonder Woman


xXx: Return of Xander Cage

Pixar Shaders and Lights

Now you can get out-of-box production shaders and lights straight from Pixar Animation Studios…no development required.


Photo-realistic Images

Physically based shading allows RenderMan to deliver highly realistic lighting with minimal setup, including full support for multi-bounce ray traced global illumination and ray traced subsurface scattering. Much research and development has gone into making these traditionally expensive effects a production reality. Pixar’s first feature film to use this technology was Finding Dory, and now it has matured with great developments in Cars 3 and Coco.

Created for Artists

Take advantage of Pixar’s shading and lighting tech to render the most demanding jobs. Not only are these shaders fine-tuned for the highest level of performance, they also come fully loaded with all of the creative options for look development demanded by the shading artists at Pixar. Use Pixar Surface to create everything from glass to the most incredibly subtle skin you can image … and layer them on top of each other, for unlimited types of looks.

The new Pixar Displacement was written for the RIS framework, and supports advanced features, like 32bit vector displacements. With Pixar’s Marschner Hair dial in realistic (or fanciful) hair, with features not available in other models, but quite common in the real world, like luminous backscatter.

Analytic Physical Lighting

This new library of physically based lights offers standard features like color temperature, exposure, and IES profiles … but also includes specialized Light Filters which have been developed for feature film in collaboration with Pixar’s lighting TDs, allowing light to be quickly stylized in any number ways, offering a multitude of new creative possibilities.

The new Analytic lighting system allows for better light sampling, which leads to less noise and faster renders.

Genuine Production Excellence

Product Driven, Results Focused

RenderMan is used for all Pixar production rendering, including feature films, shorts, content for theme parks and marketing.

RenderMan is battle tested and driven by real production requirements at Pixar and hundreds of studios around the world.

Expert Training and Support

Every commercial customer has direct access to the most awarded development team in the industry, as well as in-depth training materials created by production experts, artists, and developers which are made available online in a variety of formats targeting all levels of skill.

Creative Studio Ecosystems

Artists interact with RenderMan through content creation plugins tailored specifically for the leading 3D apps.

Studios integrate RenderMan into pipelines and massive render farms using a rich collection of APIs and supported data formats.

Digital Humans

Discover how RenderMan is helping the amazing team at MPC reach new heights for photorealistic digital humans.

“RenderMan has never failed to deliver.”

-Uel Hormann – VFX Supervisor MPC

Streamlined UI

RenderMan has been greatly simplified
The interface for your favorite 3D application has been redesigned so you can focus more on the creative process.

Volumes & Maya Fluids

Smoke, fire, steam, clouds, Open VDB… RenderMan can render it.


Displacements are a core strength of RenderMan. With support for 32bit maps, PTEX, and vector displacements

Secondary Passes

RenderMan AOV and LPE passes provide robust workflows for compositing.

“We approached Finding Dory as if we had a live-action camera”

-Ian Meggiben – Director of Photography Finding Dory

Preset Browser

The new shareable library of physically based materials makes it easy to choose any type of shader. A helpful tool for managing shaders, lights, and textures.

RenderMan on the Cloud

RenderMan can be used seamlessly with the leading Cloud Rendering solutions. Expand the circle below to read about how Milk VFX rendered 77 million 4K frames.

77 Million Frames

Milk VFX chose RenderMan to deliver the very ambitious Dinosaurs in the Wild, and thanks to Google Zync, they were able to deliver 77 million frames at 4K resolution in under 3 months. Without the cloud, the same render could have taken 2 or 3 years to pull off. Take a look at the case study.

Cloud Services

There are several RenderMan solutions for rendering in the cloud, providing extraordinary burst capacity.

VR Ready

RenderMan is fully capable of delivering high-resolution animation for VR, including the new omnidirectional stereo. Simply render with the VR camera.

Fully Featured Camera

RenderMan’s motion blur and depth-of-field can mimic the behavior of real-world cameras, so RenderMan’s synthetic images can realistically simulate their conventionally filmed counterparts.

Motion Blur

In live action film, motion blur is the result of objects moving during the exposure of the film. The faster the exposure, the less things will blur. Conversely, a long exposure results in more motion blur. Audiences are quite familiar with the look of motion blur and creating this effect in 3D fast and efficiently is critical for convincing visual effects. Pixar’s RenderMan can mimic the behavior of real cameras, with extraordinarily fast 3D motion blur.

By default, RenderMan renders scenes with an instantaneous shutter speed, an exposure which is impossible in the real world. However, without motion blur the effect would look unnatural, as moving objects would strobe across the screen, causing temporal aliasing. Thankfully RenderMan is extremely efficient at rendering motion blur and has a number of options to help tune the final look.

Depth of Field

In the real world, when a camera focuses on a close object, the background can go blurry. This effect is known as the depth of field, and Pixar’s RenderMan offers many controls for creating this effect. With Pixar’s RenderMan, we can decide, depending on requirements, whether we want finite or infinite depth of field, an instantaneous shutter speed or a long one to create motion blur.

RenderMan provides us with several options to control how our virtual camera behaves, which is important for creating believable 3D imagery. Depth of Field in RenderMan is dependent on three main factors: the focal length of the lens, the diameter of the aperture, and the focal distance of the camera. With these controls RenderMan can convincingly emulate real film cameras.

Cross Platform

RenderMan and all its plug-ins are made for the three main operating systems: Linux, OSX, and Windows.

Production Proven Render Management

Included with every purchase of RenderMan, Tractor is a modern and robust solution for network rendering, currently deployed at some of the biggest VFX studios in the industry.