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What’s New?

Innovation in look-development

and industry collaborations highlight

this landmark release

What’s New

RenderMan version 24 delivers a suite of exceptional tools for advancing look-development workflows for feature film animation and VFX

RenderMan XPU™

Pixar’s new hybrid CPU + GPU rendering technology is Pixar’s next generation rendering engine, rewritten for speed and efficiency on film production assets.

Soul ©Disney/Pixar

XPU is Fast!

Make creative choices faster than ever by using all your computing resources during your look development.

CPU or GPU, RenderMan XPU can use it.

Reliable and Predictable

Look develop with XPU and transition seamlessly to RIS for final shot production.

A state-of-the-art Layered Material system developed and battle tested at Industrial Light & Magic.

The Mandalorian © Disney

Advanced Hair Shading

The new Lama Hair Chiang material makes hair shading more predictable and controllable than ever, including advancements in specular highlights and more efficient sampling.

Soul © Disney/Pixar

Mix and match Lama layers in all of our bridge products, you can even save Lama materials and share them through the Preset Browser.

With its robust set of responses and controls, Lama is an amazing tool for look development.

 Eric Wachtman, CG Look Development Lead, Laika

Stylized Looks™

Create unique artistic styles with non-photorealistic rendering. With Stylized Looks you can interactively create lines, hatching, and brushstrokes.Explore a huge range of unique looks,from illustration to anime, with this powerful new toolset.

Ship concept by Ian McQue. Robot concept by Ruslan Safarov. Models by Cheyenne Chapel, Aliya Chen, Damian Kwiatkowski, Alyssa Minko, Anthony Muscarella, and Miguel Zozaya © Disney/Pixar – Shading and Rendering by Ernst Janssen Groesbeek & Hristo Arabadzhiyski at 9to3 Animation – RenderMan “Shipshape” Art Challenge

Bump Roughness

Innovative system developed at Pixar Animation for rendering micro details such as scratches efficiently and automatically, without expensive sampling.

Live Statistics

Watch your rendering resource usage live, thanks to a completely redesigned statistics system focused on interactivity and extensibility.


Robust support for the industry standard ACES color management system in all bridge products.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker © and ™ Lucasfilm, Ltd. All Rights Reserved

More Features

  • New Patterns – Extend your look development toolset with Phasor Noise, Hex Tiling, and more.

  • OSL – All patterns can now be rendered natively in OSL, improving interoperability in shading pipelines and enabling the hybrid architecture of XPU.

  • Better Sampling – New blue noise dithering improves the visual appearance of noise by organizing the sampling pattern distribution, resulting in a perceptually cleaner image sooner.

  • Updates to All Bridges – Support for Maya, Blender, Katana, and Houdini, including new support for LPEs and AOVs in Solaris, Houdini’s USD-centric toolset. Initial support for Maya 2022 on release, with support for new Maya 2022 features (like USD) to follow.

  • RenderMan for Blender – Completely rewritten and officially supported to take advantage of the full RenderMan 24 toolset.

  • Dispersion – The new layered materials system supports a sophisticated prismatic fringing effect for refractive objects.

  • Preset Browser – Updated to save MaterialX Lama materials and display filters, which facilitate the sharing of Stylized Looks.

    For more see the Release Notes

Soul © Disney/Pixar

Art & Science Fair

Take a deep dive with a series of great developer talks and workshops and discover what makes RenderMan 24 such a special release!