What’s New?

RenderMan 21.7 offers many new features, enhancements, and fixes

What’s New

RenderMan 21.7 is an exciting release, delivering Cryptomatte support as well as improvements and optimizations for shading, lighting, and volumes.

Path Traced Subsurface Scattering

RenderMan has a cutting-edge path traced subsurface scattering model ideal for digital humans.


Better Skin & Soft Materials

RenderMan 21.5 was the first VFX commercial renderer in the industry to ship with a physically based model for subsurface scattering, a truly accurate model for photorealistic skin based on deep path tracing and albedo controls.FXGuide Article >

Until now, the implementations available to the VFX industry for these effects have been substantial approximations, which inherently produced errors and artifacts. RenderMan’s new subsurface approach significantly increases quality and realism when rendering skin and other soft or delicate materials, which is essential for creating believable characters.


RenderMan now supports the industry standard Cryptomatte allowing advanced ID workflows for compositing.


Developed for Production

Cryptomatte is a tool created at Psyop by Jonah Friedman and Andy Jones. It creates ID mattes automatically with support for motion blur, transparency, and depth of field, using organizational information already available at render time.

Advanced Hair Shading

RenderMan handles fur and hair fast and efficiently using the industry-leading Pixar Marschner Hair, developed at Pixar Animation Studios for feature film production.

Physical and Artistic Hair

RenderMan has great artistic controls for hair.

Advanced Patterns

RenderMan continues to expand its suite of advanced production patterns, including new patterns to create easy variations of textures and primvars.

“RIS allows us to focus on aesthetics instead of technology”

-Paul Oakley – Lighting TD Finding Dory

Better Denoising

New optimizations for Intel CPUs, and CUDA acceleration for NVIDIA GPUs.

More Features

  • Varnished Surfaces – Make new looks with the Thickness control in Pixar Surface
  • Alembic Workflows – Major improvements have been made to using Alembic files
  • Path Traced SSS – Unbiased estimator for unmatched subsurface realism
  • Cryptomatte – Industry standard ID workflow for compositing
  • Volume Acceleration – Major improvements in speed and memory efficiency
  • Deformation Volume Blur – Added realism for moving volumes
  • Transparent Alpha – Accumulate transparency along the path for compositing
  • Deep EXR Textures – New display driver
  • Light Portal – Get better-looking interiors with fewer samples
  • Relative Pixel Variance – Control on a per-object basis
  • Display Filters – Apply filters across an entire image, like tone mapping
  • Native OSL Support – Improves workflow for pattern creation
  • Occlusion Integrator – Generate occlusion for post compositing work
  • Final Frame Checkpointing – Continue to render a previously “finished” image
  • Thin Shadows – Cheap colored shadows for transparent objects
  • Intuitive Tilt & Shift – Simple controls for automatic computation
  • API Improvements – For full customization
  • Watertight Tessellation – Suppressing artifacts on displaced meshes
  • Ptex – Performance improvements
  • For more see the Release Notes