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Studio and Production Playout

Media Systems and Solutions

To achieve success in the digital intermediate between the camera and the cinema or television, you need to exercise both creativity and care in the handling of high-resolution film data. Our customized solutions are designed to provide precisely what you need for your workflow to be profitable. Both the design and development of the products are based on years of know-how and expertise in the field, granting you the confidence that only comes from proven experience.

The product portfolio ranges from turnkey systems to custom storage solutions and data management tools to video boards for integration into the A/V systems of other manufacturers. Implement the Rohde & Schwarz media products to effectively optimize your workflow with high-performance technology.


Studio and Production Playout


Key Facts

Features & Benefits


Brief Description

Key Facts
  • Web services (MOS) based studio playout application
  • Control over multiple R&S®VENICE 2U and R&S® VENICE 4K playout channels
  • Enhanced reliability thanks to the GUI’s client-mirror functionality
  • Loops on items, stories and rundowns
  • Customizable thumbnails and countdowns
  • Head and tail editor for fast last second changes
  • Integrated Spycer file browser
  • Available for Windows®, Mac OS® and Linux®
Brief Description

The R&S®VENICE PLAY software application was designed to simplify your life in hectic studio and live situations. R&S®VENICE PLAY provides clarity when managing multiple channels for studio and production playout applications. With R&S®VENICE PLAY, you have full control of rapidly changing playouts even when things get hectic.

R&S®VENICE PLAY can be installed on multiple client systems, providing redundant control of all playout processes. If problems arise, all playouts can be controlled from another R&S®VENICE PLAY application without interruption.

The user-friendly interface lets you control multiple playout channels in parallel without having to switch between individual tabs or applications, saving you valuable time. Multiple channels can be combined into a single playlist to obtain a comprehensive overview. Clips designated for playout can be organized into rundown lists and stories.
Last-second changes in the playout can be made during the playout process. The integrated head and tail editor permits last-second changes so you can meet even the tightest of deadlines. The clips planned for playout are clearly displayed in a preview screen that you can configure to meet your needs. All clips, stories and even entire rundowns can be played back sequentially or individually in a loop. A configurable visual counter counts down the seconds until the end of the playout, providing correct time indexing at the end of the playout.

A subset of the innovative Spycer data management tool is integrated into R&S®VENICE PLAY, making it possible to add clips with a simple drag and drop. You have direct access to a variety of data management functions without having to switch between applications. And thanks to the proprietary R&S®VENICE hardware scaler, content in different resolutions and formats can be combined into a single playlist and then played out.

All R&S®VENICE channels in the network are automatically detected via multicast. Configuration via static IP address is naturally also possible. All recognized or new R&S®VENICE channels can be added to the monitoring application via drag and drop.


Broadcast Systems

R&S®VENICE Channel Playout Excellence

  • UHD media server for 24/7 channel playout and studio production
  • 1 channel 2160p60 or 4 channels 1080p60


  • HD/SD video server with ingest, playout and transform functionalities
  • 2 or 4 channels in 2 rack units


  • 4K UHD-1 video server with ingest, playout and transform functionalities
  • 2 channels up to 2160p60

R&S®VENICE Control

  • Ingest software for controlling live multicamera recordings.
  • Available on Windows®, Mac OS®


  • Network-based multiviewer software for monitoring all R&S®VENICE channels
  • Available on Windows®, Mac OS® and Linux®


  • Studio playout software for managing complex studio playout situations
  • Available on Windows®, Mac OS® and Linux®

Post Production Systems


The Flagship Mastering solution

Storage Solutions

R&S®SpycerBox Cell

  • SSD: 14,4TB, 28,8TB
  • SAS: 27TB, 36TB, 54TB
  • SAS 7K: 60TB

R&S®SpycerBox Ultra TL

  • Half populated: 96TB, 144TB, 192TB
  • Fully loaded: 192TB, 288TB, 384TB


  • Gain an overview of your files and metadata
  • Effectively tidy up your SAN or NAS
  • Correct and edit the names of file sequences

Video Boards

R&S®Atomix HDMI

  • Video formats: SD/HD/2K, 4K HSDL, 4K
  • 3 Gbit/s SDI
  • HDMI output

R&S®Atomix LT

  • Video formats: SD/HD/2K
  • 3 Gbit/s SDI