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ColourSpace is the de-facto standard for display calibration and colour management

Colorspace CMS


Colorspace CMS is the de-facto standard for advanced colour management within the global film, TV, and post-production industries where colour control is critical, as well as uniquely providing home cinema calibrators with exactly the same tools, capabilities and accuracy as the professional ColourSpace CMS versions.

Colorspace CMS has a range of versions tailored to meet the differing requirements of users, from those looking for just LUT conversion, through initial calibration for hobbyists, to high-end colour workflow management for professional Film & TV post-production and broadcast facilities.


Colorspace CMS is the de-facto standard for advanced colour management within the global film, TV, and post-production industries where colour control is not just critical, but requires facility-wide management from a simple to use system that is display format and workflow agnostic.
ColourSpace CMS is the only colour management system to meet all these criteria, providing fully integrated facility-wide colour management for on-set, post-production, and broadcast workflows. Uniquely, a single LightSpace CMS license can provide total facility-wide calibration capabilities, without the need for multiple systems or a ‘floating’ license.
The ColourSpace CMS versions for Home Cinema calibration have exactly the same tools, capabilities and accuracy as the professional LightSpace CMS versions, guaranteeing images seen on a home cinema system will match perfectly the look intended by the film’s DoP and Director.

Manual Display Calibration

ColourSpace CMS can be used for manual Display Calibration, using any display’s in-built Colour Management System (CMS) controls to accurately calibrate the display as far as is possible with the display’s provided controls, such as brightness, contrast, gamma, bias & gain, saturation, etc. Uniquely, manual display calibration can be performed with the Free ColourSpace DPS version of ColourSpace CMS.

3D LUT Based Display Calibration

ColourSpace CMS provides unmatched display calibration using 3D LUTs, via the most advanced colour mathematics engine available within any alternative calibration system. As such, all ColourSpace CMS systems operate in a totally unique way, providing final results that far exceed those of alternate systems, combined with unmatched speed, with far greater tools, options, and capabilities. A direct comparison of ColourSpace CMS with Spectracal’s Calman and DisplayCal/Argyll shows the superiority of ColourSpace CMS.

Unparalleled Colour Mathematics Engine

The latest release of ColourSpace CMS has added new Fit Space and Map Space options for LUT generation, which use new and totally unique Colour Engine Algorithms for the calculation of the calibration LUT from profile data.
The results of these new Colour Engine Algorithms are far superior results to any alternative calibration systems, and are especially superior for displays that have a gamut that is significantly lower than the target colour space, or for displays that prove difficult to calibrate via the alternative Peak Chroma or Peak Luma options with ColourSpace CMS, due to being particularly poor displays, with very irregular response to input stimulus change.

ColourSpace Version Upgrades

Any version of ColourSpace CMS can be Upgraded to any other version at any time, enabling users to add to their ColourSpace CMS software capabilities as and when needed. For example, upgrading to a ColourSpace CMS license with calibration capabilities from a previously purchased ColourSpace LUTs+ license.
See Upgrades & Licensing.

ColourSpace XPT

ColourSpace XPT is the ‘Expert’ version of ColourSpace CMS, and combines all other versions and capabilities into the single most capable calibration, colour workflow, and look management system available.

ColourSpace PRO

ColourSpace PRO is the standard ColourSpace CMS version for advanced colour management, for those that do not require Batch LUT Processing, LUT Burn-in for image sequences, and ARRI/ACES/CDL tools.

ColourSpace CMS & Hardware Packages

Light Illusion’s software and hardware can be combined into customer defined packages, with associated savings over the cost of the individual items.

ColourSpace CAL

ColourSpace CAL provides all the tools necessary for advanced display calibration, and supports all LUT formats and all displays types, and integrates with a selected range of probes.