Bridge Tools

Interfacing RenderMan with the top VFX and animation applications

RenderMan Bridge Tools

Seamless 3D app integration

The various RenderMan bridge tools let you interface seamlessly with your 3D application of choice, giving you new creative possibilities

Created for the Leading VFX and Animation Tools

The interface for your favorite 3D application has been redesigned so you can focus more on the creative process.





Made for Creatives

From the biggest studios in the world to the single artist, each RenderMan bridge tool is made with artists in mind, giving your creative ambitions direct access to Pixar’s toolbox.


RenderMan Art Challenge

RenderMan is used on the most ambitious animation and VFX in the world, and can also be used by a single artist or small studio.  Just check out the amazing work done by single artists on our “Everything and the Kitchen Sink” Art Challenge.

Outstanding Features, Performance, and Price – It’s a great time to see what RenderMan can do for your creative vision.

Production Ready

RenderMan bridge tools are used and tested by the biggest VFX and animation studios in the world.


Fine Tuned and Battle Tested

RenderMan Bridge Tools are custom made for every application and made in collaboration with the application’s developers, making the most efficient use of the applications interface.

They are used to create some of the most ambitious VFX and animation shots in the business, creating an ecosystem for incredibly demanding app development, which leads to cutting edge technology and stability depended upon by the biggest blockbusters.

RenderMan Components

RenderMan DCC Plugin

The Interface

RenderMan is built specifically for every plugin to take advantage of the application’s maximum potential

RenderMan Pro Server

The Engine

RenderMan Pro Server crunches the data generated by your application plugin and renders the image.

Cloud Services

Expand the limits of your workstation or render farm with several cloud rendering solutions, which provide RenderMan with extraordinary burst capacity.

“This was my first serious project using Renderman, and I confess that I was surprised at how easy and powerful it was…amazing piece of software.”

-Paulo Duarte – Art Challenge Finalist

Cross Platform

RenderMan Bridge Tools are available for all apps in their native OS


  • Seamless Integration
  • Pixar Surface Material
  • Interactive Shading and Lighting
  • Plugin Support (Shave and Haircut, Yeti, Golaem, Realflow…)
  • Native Image Checkpointing
  • Rib Archives
  • Advanced Pixar Patterns
  • Streamlined installation
  • Dynamic Shader Binding
  • Major user interface enhancements
  • Easy AOVs and LPEs for compositing
  • Easy Deep Data output
  • Instancing
  • openSubD
  • Precompiled and fast shading
Maya Houdini Katana Blender
Seamless Integration
Latest RenderMan Features
Unlimited Multi-Threaded Rendering
Support for Multiple Integrators
Advanced Denoising Technology
Interactive Shading and Lighting
Image Checkpointing
Image Based Lighting
Ray Traced Subsurface Scattering
Ray Traced Caustics
Pixar Surface Material System
Open VDB Support
Secondary Passes (AOV – LPE)
RIB Archives
RiProcedural Plug-ins
Fur and Hair
Maya Paint FX
Native Curve Rendering
Native NURBS Rendering
Advanced Pixar Patterns
Dynamic Shader Binding
Ri for MEL
RIB Boxes
External Plugin Support (Yeti, Golaem, Realflow…)

RenderMan Art Challenges

The perfect way to learn! Join our Art Challenges and learn RenderMan with the help of Pixar moderators…plus, you’re in the running to win prizes from Pixar, Pluralsight, and Allegorithmic! Save